Document Authentication Application

You may go and apply at the consulate in person, they do not accept mail-in application. All application forms are available on their website and ours free of charge.

Please click here to download Authentication Application form if you want our service.

Please note: When making copy of your state certification, DO NOT take the original staple or any other attachment materials off. Do not take your state certification apart for any reason.


Documents executed in the United States and to be used in China should be authenticated by the Chinese Consulates in the US. The Consulate authenticates documents such as birth/death certificates, power of attorney, single status, marriage certificates, diplomas, adoption application, business license, etc. The Chinese Consulate in Houston certifies documents from the following 8 States:

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.



Applicant needs to write a sworn statement in regard to the documents. The statement needs to include the following:

  • Applicant’s names, birthday, birth place, current nationality, current passport number, occupation, work address and home address;

  • A sworn statement about the document’s content and the purpose of the document; and

  • Applicant’s signature.

IMPORTANT: Please do no write down any date on your statement before your statement is notarized.


The Statement needs to be notarized by a notary of public.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your notary dates the statement.

If you are going to notarize your supporting documents, your sworn statement and every supporting document need to be notarized by the same public notary and on the same day.


Applicant needs to have the statement certified (NOT APOSTILLE) by the Secretary of the State Office of his/her State where the statement is executed. Click here for the contact information of state certification agencies. There is a difference between certification and apostille, we cannot authenticate apostille.

IMPORTANT: we can not authenticate your statement/documents without Secretary of State certifying the notary of public that notarized your statement.

IMPORTANT: If your document is directly issued by the Secretary of the State with the Secretary of State Seal and signature, Please DO NOT notary the document.


Please complete One Authentication Application Form (G1). Download the form here, If you cannot view the page, please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader . If you have any problems downloading the form, please contact our office.

IMPORTANT: Please complete the G1 form with the applicant’s name. For example, if you are certifying a birth certification for your child, the applicant’s name is the child’s name and not the parent.

5. Please provide a copy of all support material such as birth certification, marriage certification etc. For birth certification, please also provide parents’ passport copy and for Chinese Citizen, please also provide Green Card or U.S. visa. Please do not staple supporting materials to your certification. If you do, you must have all supporting materials notarized as well by the same notary. You can use a paper clip if you wish to secure the supporting materials.

6. A copy of the applicant’s passport. If you are a Chinese Citizen, please also provide a copy of Green Card or visa.

7. If you are authenticating business documents, please provide a copy of the Articles of Incorporation. If you are a lawyer/accountant applying on behalf of your client, please notice: we need you to fill out the form with your client’s name and we need a copy of your client’s passport. Please make sure your client is a owner and his/her name is in the Articles of Incorporation.

8. If you are selling/inheriting property in China, we need verification of ownership and property layout. If the property is not under your name, we need proof of relationship between you and the owner and verification that you have the right to sell/inherit the property.

IMPORTANT: If the purpose of your authentication is to sell/inherit property, we need verification of ownership. For example, if you are authenticating your passport so that you can use it to sell property in China, we need verification of ownership.

We also strongly advise our customers to first talk to agencies in China to find out exactly what you need to be authenticated.

After you have completed the above, please send the following items to our office. Do not STAPLE your supporting materials to your certification. DO NOT take your original state certification apart to make copy.

  • The original applicant’s sworn statement with certification by the Secretary of the State Office

  • A copy of the applicant’s sworn statement with certification by the Secretary of the State Office

  • Completed and Signed G1 form

  • A copy of all supporting documents

  • A copy of the applicant’s passport

  • Self-Address and Stamped Return Mail Envelope

  • Payment (NO personal check for Next Day).

Processing Fee and Payment Method: We accept personal check, business check, cashier's check, money order or paypal. Make check or money order payable to:  NOTARY Visa .


Regular Fee

Next day Fee

Same day Fee

Civil documents, e.g. Adoption, power of attorney, single status, marriage, birth/death, kinship certificate, etc.




Property or Commercial documents, e.g. Business license, labor agreement, inheritance, property transfer, power of attorney, etc.





  • Chinese Consulate no longer provides Same Day Service for Authentication.

  • Applications for next day service must be received by 12:00PM.


We will handle your visa, passport and other business for you. Please contact us if you have any questions

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