Vietnam Visa

The checklist for US passport holder applying for Vietnam visa is as below:

1. original passport

2. TWO (2) 2by2 color passport photo (white background)

3. completed and signed Vietnam visa application form

Please note that, your Vietname Visa start date will be your answer on question "Proposed date of entry:" on the application form, NOT the same as it's the application submission date as other countries!!! So put the first possible date you will arrive there.

For example, if you planned to visit Vietnam on Nov. 1, and put the "Nov.1" on question "Proposed date of entry" for a 1 month single entry visa. Then you submitted your application on Oct 5, and your Vietnam Visa is from Nov.1 to Dec. 1, NOT Oct. 5 to Nov. 5. In this case, if you want to enter Vietnam on Oct 20, let's say actually your trip changes to an earlier date, you can NOT.

4. completed order form and payment*

*you only need to submit 1 order form, if you do the China visa at the same time.

Service Type and Fees:

  1. Consulate Fee (per person):
    Visa Type



    1 month-single entry



    1 month-multiple entry



    3 month-single entry



    3 month-multiple entry



    6 month-multiple entry

    $200 $230

    12 month-multiple entry (US passport ONLY)

    $210 $240
  2. Service Fee (per person):

    Saver 7-10 business days: $49

    Regular 5-6 business days: $79

    Rush 2 business days: $139

  3. Return Shipping Fee (only ONCE): $20 (Fedex regular 2-3 days) or $35 (Fedex Standard Overnight)

Total fee =  item 1 + item 2 + item 3

You can make a Money order/Cashier's check pay to "Notaryvisa", or see more payment methods on the order form.

Houston Office:

  • 6100 Corporate Dr , Ste 300E
  • Houston, TX 77036
  • Phone:281-460-5136
  • Fax: 832-740-4878
  • Walk-in hours: 9:30 am to 5:30pm CST


We will handle your visa, passport and other business for you. Please contact us if you have any questions

Notary Visa Service Center

Houston Office

6100 Corporate Dr , Ste 300E

Houston, TX 77036

Phone: 281-460-5136

Fax: 832-740-4878

Walk-in hours: 9:30 am to 5:30pm CST

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